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    november 10, 2017 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    Expectant parents, moms and dads, often face many fears about the upcoming birth of their child:

    – How bad will the pain be?
    – Will I be able to cope with it?
    – Will I lose control?
    – Will I be a good parent?
    – Is this world a safe place for my baby?
    – Can I be a good support person?
    – Can I cope with seeing her in pain?
    – Will any of my needs get met during the labor and birth?

    It is absolutely normal to have fears when we are going into an unknown experience. The same fears that during pregnancy we might ignore, during childbirth could become overwhelming because we are more vulnerable.
    For this reason, it is important to work on fears before giving birth.

    What are the effects of fear on labor?
    – Increased pain for mom: Fear tends to increase muscle tension. The more tense our bodies are, the more pain we experience.
    – Possible increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. These can develop because fear activates adrenaline, and a fight or flight response.
    – Possible complications with labor: Adrenaline neutralizes the effect of oxytocin, the hormone which stimulates labor contractions, which dilate the cervix, and bring baby down through the birth canal. If fear blocks oxytocin, it may lead to longer labor, failure to progress, more medical intervention to move labor along, or to deliver the baby.

    – Feel empowerd as mother and woman.
    – Envision your ideal birth.
    – Navigate your fears, release it, and leave from this session feeling at ease and confident.

    Class Schedule:
    – Brief introduction and relaxation through guided meditation.
    – Recognition, analysis, and release of your fears.
    – Envision your ideal birth, in safety and strength.
    – An energy work will follow to support emotional healing.

    The class is focused on being:
    – Highly interactive and participative
    – Unbiased and non judgmental
    – Fun!

    Attending this class will give you a 10% discount on one of my packages.

    Investment: 600 kr for one person. 1000 kr for the couple.
    You can pay with vipps:
    +47 40228642
    or you can pay through bank account:
    Tamara De Zotti
    Kontonummer: 1208.61.06068

    If you have any questions and/or to reserver your spot – please contact me, Tamara, on [email protected]

    Registration is binding.
    As soon as you have make the payment, I will reserve your spot.

    We reserve the right to cancel the workshop in case of too few participants. In that case, you will be informed one week before the event. The amount paid will be refunded.
    When you are canceling your reservation I cannot refund it but it can be transferred to another person.

    Tamara is an Italian mother of two children (one born in Italy and one in Oslo) and Certified Birth Doula (CBD).
    She has lived in Oslo since 2008. The experience of the birth of her daughter at Ullevål ABC was so great that it shaped her future, she decided to become a doula.

    Her role is to support you, to show you your value, your strength, and power of being a female, a mother, and parent and to help you to achieve your desires for your birth and for your family.

    She has experience as Parenting Counselor since 2008.
    In 2012 she wrote a book in Italian which is about the baby’s sleep (Dormire bene per crescere felici), and since 2015 she works as a doula and childbirth educator.

    You can find more information about her here:

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