Channeling-healing group session



    september 9, 2016 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    A simple and beautiful way to receive Healing-messages from your Guides and to enjoy the power fo the group. 🙂

    We start the « Healing circle » with a little introduction of myself and my work, we have a guided meditation and then I go around the group and give a short treatment to each person, along with a message adapted to your personal need (I recommend to bring a voice recorder or a simple ‘phone-app’).
    The experience can be strong and transformative, it all depends on the participant’s readiness and willingness for positive transformation.
    What you get from a « Healing circle » :
    Sharing my experience about spiritual practices and Healing.
    Some simple meditations that you can use in your daily life.
    A short individual treatment (it can be stretching, massage, energy work…)
    A personal message adapted to this moment on your Life’s journey, always loving and straight to the point.
    The power of the group during the practice.
    Meeting other souls on the same journey.
    ‘Investment’ is 200k, but participants can give more or less according to their possibilities.
    Individual Healing is possible by appointment, please send message to [email protected]
    All welcome ! ☺
    Paul Vishal (more on my website
    Testimonials :
    « The intuition guided me to your healing Circle and now I can’t leave the feeling of your warmth and how you generously channeled The Love of everything. I’ve never recognized those energies from a person so clearly before, and am very grateful for the touch of your soul. Such beauty that it already feels addictive. » Maria, Designer, Oslo.
    « Sometimes words cannot reach what my heart wants to tell .. It was a very beautiful healing with you.. Not only me, but also to see the others in the room opening up in vulnerability and humbleness .. At the end of the session I could see the eyes (including my own) had shifted totally… Very beautiful. You got a great gift Paul. » Jeevani Dahlgren, Oslo.
    « I attended Paul’s healing circle for the first time recently. I had no expectations, except that I had a strong gut feeling that I should attend. The first thing I saw, is how Paul made it all comfortable for us, and also took time to explain his work and what we will do. I perceive Paul as a man with great care and humble in his way of being. We all got healing and long message from Paul and his Guides. He went around us several times. I experienced the healing and the messages he gave to me, very strongly. I had pain in my shoulder-blades. One of the first thing he does when he came to me, is to place his hands on the shoulder-blades. It felt good and after that night, it has been better. But the most powerful was the message he gave to me. I started to cry, because I recognized it and it was just like my heart has been waiting for this message. I felt very happy after the healing circle and felt a new impetus. In addition, there was a nice group of people who were present that evening. For me this was an evening of healing, news and community, I would not have missed. I look forward to the next healing circle! Thank you, Paul! » Jan Ove, miljøarbeider, Oslo