CONNECT WITH THE HEALER WITHIN IV – It’s high time to shine!



    juni 22, 2013 til juni 23, 2013 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    This workshop is, just like the others, designed to allow you to go deep down to meet the unmet emotional needs and learn healing tools that you can use on yourself and on others. We will go through different self-growth processes and practice on each other. I believe that the more you heal yourself, the greater you become at healing others. When channeling healing energies for others, you are asked to connect to the most beautiful, sacred, loving space you can resonate with and create the most perfect template of healing you can perceive. Therefore, the more you accept your own inner beauty and clean power, the better you can adjust to these powerful energies of Love and Light.

    We will be working further with the power of intention and experiencing with archetypes, as well as learning how to cleanse ourselves or a space using the pendulum and a healing technique called «the Spiral». There are a multitude of techniques available today, and they all have their own value. The aim of this workshop however is for you to attune to your own inner guidance, learn how to follow your intuition and become open to be a channel for the Light.

    The workshop is of course great for healers who wish to develop their skills in channel healing, but also for anybody who would like to heal on a deep level. It is quite an intense journey. You will be indeed bathing in high vibrational energies for two whole days!

    Kurspris: pris: 1800kr/1600 EBP for registrations by May 31st,-


    lørdag 22 juni kl.10:00 til søndag 23 juni kl.18:00

    For further information, contact Cassandra 96881022 – [email protected]