Constellations in Silence



    oktober 7, 2016 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    movements to love, reconciliation and healing

    Why silent constellations?
    What is the difference to other constellations?
    What is challenging?
    What is so healingful and releasing?
    How do they lead us to a deeper love, a deeper being?

    This evening introduces a silent and deeply centered way of constellation work. Bert Hellinger calls it “wordless constellations”. Gerhard Walper, an international trainer and a lecturer in Bert & Sophie Hellingers own Hellinger-sciencia-trainings, will demonstrate by life constellations, meditations and exercises this new way.

    Constellations in silence create a space, where everything that wants to show can appear. When we stop to talk our soul begins to speak. In silence we stop to judge and surrender to an open movement, with an open heart, an open soul, an open mind. A deep “yes” grows inside – to life, as it is and to ourselves, as we are. No need to find a better world, “yes” to this world. “Yes” to our feelings and fears and aggressions as they are. “Yes” to our body as it is, to men and women, as they are, to everybody.

    Constellations in silence are beyond our control. Even the facilitator gives the lead out of his hands and trusts deeply in the representatives and the movements that take over. This is challenging. We need to go beyond our fears to lose control, beyond our needs to influence the direction and the outcome. But only then our soul can show and speak. Only then what has been hidden, ignored or denied can enter our awareness, can start to talk, to show and to touch us deeply.

    In silence we often feel lost and “thrown” into the unknown. But we get in tune with the fundaments of love and life. Giving up control means: the outcome is always a surprise. We are surprised by what we have to face, surprised how deep our hidden love is, surprised that the way to solve and to heal is totally different as we expected. Therefore constellations in silence are for men and women with courage – and who want to grow. Into their full dignity, their full strength, a deeper love and a deeper being.

    Interview with Gerhard Walper on YouTube:

    Tid: Fredag 7. oktober
    Sted: Unity Senter, Møllergata 23, 0179 Oslo.
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