Dances of Universal Peace – The temple of the future



    oktober 1, 2016 til oktober 2, 2016 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

    Unity senter, Møllergata 23, 0179 Oslo.

    Dances of Universal Peace Weekend 1-2 oktober 2016. The Dances will be led by Simone Wils, in English. Hamid ter Veld will accompany on the guitar.

    Saturday from 10 AM to 19.30 PM

    Sunday from 10 AM till 16.30 PM

    You are asked to bring a symbol that represents “a temple” in your life. Could be a moment, a poem, a photo, a memory, something that is precious to you. Even if it is abstract, or too big, bring a tangible symbol.

    It is best to wear clothing and shoes that you can move in comfortably.

    Your contribution is 1400 NOK.

    Two lunches and coffee/tea are included.

    Registration before 22.09.16 is needed!

    PÅMELDING på mail: [email protected]

    Sett kursavgift inn på konto til Sufigruppen i Oslo og Omegn Kontonr: 05395514255

    Påmelding er bindende.Registration is binding.

    About the Dances of Universal Peace:

    From the beginning of time, sacred movement, song and story have
    brought people together in ceremony and celebration, as part of daily
    life and life passages, in renewal and meditation. The Dances of
    Universal Peace are part of this timeless tradition of Sacred Dance.
    They originated in the 1960’s when Sufi-teacher and Zen-master Samuel Lewis used them in his classes. Since then this form of meditation in movement has found many followers all over the world.
    No musical or dance experience is needed. Participation is the focus, not presentation. We dance in a circle with simple movements while singing mantra’s from different cultures. These sacred phrases often point to truths about Life which cannot be put into words.
    Word, sound and gesture have a deep influence on the heart and can
    bring us closer to joy and inspiration. We dis-cover the Unity behind and between the various religions.

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