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    mars 26, 2013 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    Earth meets the definition of living systems in terms of being self organizing, self balancing. So if it is alive, of course it can grow.

    If we are alive and we can evolve, of course the earth can evolve. If we can evolve to a state of enlightened consciousness, of course the earth can as well. You see what I mean-this does not need a mystical perspective. It only needs to have us take our beliefs and ideas seriously enough to let them go and replace them with direct experience!

    Welcome to an evening with Derk Loeks!

    When we open to the possibility that this is an enlightened planet, then we reconsider our previous ideas, and replace them with direct experience. Specifically, we don’t think the planet is alive, we experience it. We don’t think about evolution, we experience that evolution can happen for the earth as a whole. We get over our human bias, and our self imposed separation of spirit and matter. It’s an entire linked, interdependent living system.

    We are a product of such deep ‘getting in the way’ of life, that the repression of life seems normal. It’s normal to discuss the repression, to cry about it, to have theories about it, but what about releasing our own orgasms? Who said orgasms should be compressed into a sexual experience instead of released into the expression of intelligence that they are? What about getting out of the way of a birthing mother? What about letting a child educate, (edusari- lead out from within) themselves? Why believe or hope that the living web of life is conscious, but not have enough respect to meet it, communicate with it?

    When our lover is sufficiently tough and insisting that we drop our ideas, and come into direct meeting, do we hold on or let go? Really! What happens for you? And if we do let go of ideas ‘cause we want that passionate, direct meeting, can we do so for an entire planet? Who taught us we cannot communicate with an entire planet? Why not start today and everyday assuming we can, obviously, communicate with the living planetary web as surely as any soil microbe, migrating butterfly or Beluga whale?

    The entire game has radically shifted. Ready or not, here we are. Participate or not, self awaken or not, this is our time. But it’s not the dream of it, not the hope of it, it’s the reality of it.

    Derk Loeks carries a deep love and knowledge of the Sacred Earth. Derk is a student of sacred traditions and has over 36 years experience within these traditions. He works as an ecologist, organisational consultant and wilderness guide. Derk is a man who has touched people all over the world with his wisdom, his healing ability and his radiant heart.

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