Diving into the Ocean of the Soul!



    mars 4, 2017 til mars 5, 2017 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    2 days Channeled Workshop with Gregory Ashid Possman,
    March 4th – 5th 2017, 10:00 – 17:00, Oslo, Norway

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    We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambhala. We are the Twelfth Seat of the Council known as Jalil. It is a time of great frustration, a time of confusion and a feeling of betrayal settles on the human race as governments continue to serve their own purposes, rather than the purpose of the people. We wish to bring forth a sense of soul satisfaction in the collective unconscious by meeting and guiding each of you into your own soul’s evolution. Regardless of the agenda of the political leadership, each Human Being’s soul has determined a path of progress and evolution forward. It is easy to succumb to distraction and stray from that path. It is our desire at this time to assist each and every one of you to find your way once again on that path of soul installment into the physical body. In our time with each of you in the spring, we will be working on restoring a sense of confidence, security and purpose. As spiritual leaders and guides to the divine blueprint, we will continue to move you along the path to unconditional love, tolerance, and a sense of all that is right. We will raise your vibrational frequency over the course of our time with you. We ask you to quietly investigate your diamond heart and flow with us into the path of your soul, the purpose of your soul and the reason you are here in this Earth incarnation. We shall collectively jumpstart the process for which you have come. We wish to move humanity and the Earth forward in preparation for it’s becoming the gathering place in the cosmos for all manner of species. The time of revolution of the spirit is upon us. As we have stated recently, many of you are here 100 years too early and it is time for you to make your mark on the planet Earth. Join us if your heart calls to you. We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambhala. We are the Twelfth seat, known as Jalil.

    The following entities will be guiding and directing you through this process: the Ancient of Days, Sananda, the Mastress Quan Yin, the one called Mary, the Arch-angels: Raphael, Gabriel and Michael, the Siriuns; Askos, Sonos and Kronos. The man Ashid or Gregory will also channel the elements of Earth including water, mineral, wind and fire. The Fifth element of Chi will come forth to energize and recharge each of you.

    Price: 2.700 NOK (registration required)
    Location: Unity Senter, Møllergata 23, Oslo, Norway, www.unity.no
    Registration to Synnøve Bakke by email: [email protected] (phone +47 93445765)

    Join us also for a Channeled evening of:

    Friday, March 3d 2017, 18:30 – 20:30, Oslo, Norway

    We are the one called Sananda, we will begin the evening with the blessing of unconditional love and healing for these challenging times. We will be infusing energy, initiation and encouragement into each of your souls.
    Meera, sixth seat of the Council of Shambhala will then come forth and lead a powerful healing process for body mind and spirit.
    The Archangel Gabriel will then come through, bringing forth a “state of the earth” message. Another entity, as yet unannounced, will join you. This entities’ identity will be determined based upon the needs of those present.

    Price: 300 NOK (Registration required)
    Location: Unity Senter, Oslo, www.unity.no
    Registration to Synnøve Bakke by email: [email protected] (phone +47 93445765)

    PRIVATE SESSIONS available March 1th – 3rd – recorded, NOK 1.200,-, contact Synnøve for booking.

    About Gregory Ashid Possman serves as a psychic trance channel for Sananda, Archangel Michael, Master Teacher Spirit, Quan Yin, Mary, Merlin, Five members of the Council of Shambhala, Archangel Raphael, and others. Gregory performs workshops throughout the world. His goal is to raise the vibration of the planet by empowering others. He facilitates metaphysical teachings such as the Manifestation With Light, Manifestation Acceleration Technique, Clearing Energy and numerous other workshops. As a psychic channel and teacher, Gregory has traveled the world, and has led spiritual journeys to many Sacred Sites on the planet, including: Peru, Mexico, England, Scotland, Iceland, Denmark and Norway. Gregory and his wife Sandie live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where they lead regular journeys throughout the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. They also host individuals at their home who wish to engage in intensive spiritual instruction. Gregory offers recorded, channeled private sessions in person, by phone and on Skype. Gregory has served as President and International Vice- President of the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., from where he also holds both a Master’s and PHD in spirituality. He is also the author of the book “Future Vision” with information primarily from the Council of Shambhala. He recently updated the book in 2014. Each month, a channeled message is available by creating a free account on his website www.gregorypossman.com.

    See also www.gregorypossman.dk, Facebook group: «Gregory Possman Trance Channel» or page «Gregory Ashid Possman»