Full Sensory Perception 1 – Awakening The Gift



    november 17, 2016 til november 20, 2016 10:00 am - 8:00 am

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    FSP (Full Sensory Perception) is for the purpose of accelerating spiritual growth with the use of your full sensory perceptions of clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, and channeling healing energy. It is a path toward wholeness, Oneness, and becoming consciously responsible for aligning with your Divine Destiny and connection with God/Goddess/All That Is.

    Each FSP is a 8 day comprehensive training program for:
    1. Those attending Pleiadian Lightwork Intensives (PLI) to learn reading and healing skills used in the PLI¹s, and to do appropriate self-clearing in preparation for the multidimensional mystery school work.
    2. Those interested in learning reading and healing skills in order to be a practitioner.
    3. Those seeking deep personal healing and clearing, but not interested in being a practioner.

    FSP 1 curiculum:

    • Reading and Healing Aura
    • Healing tears in Aura and Body
    • Reading and healing 7 chakras
    • Pain Erasure and de-programming
    • Depossession
    • Beginning healing level of the soul
    • Clearing Black Magic
    • Clearing Control Devices
    • Healing Sub-Chakras
    • Kundalini Channel Healing and Activation
    • Accessing Akashic Records
    • Mystery School Initiation of Sword of Truth
    • Inner Child Healing
    • Opening Sacred Space with Spirit Guides

    FSP 2 curriculum:

    • Reading and Healing Sub-conscious
    • Retrieving out-of-body parts in Unconscious
    • Reading and Healing Astral Body
    • Reading and Healing Multidimensional Hologram
    • Reading and Healing Personality
    • Next level of Soul-Affinity Healing
    • Reading and Healing Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Bodies
    • Reading and Healing Core Issues in hologram
    • Reading and Healing Male and Female aspects of Self
    • Reading and Healing Original 8 Cells

    The classes can be taught in english, norwegian, french and spanish.

    Coming classes in Oslo, Norway:

    FSP1 part 1: 17th – 20th of November 2016. 10am to 6 pm
    FSP1 part 2: 1st – 4th of December 2016: 10am to 6 pm
    FSP2 part 1: 12th – 15th of january 2017. 10am to 6 pm
    FSP2 part 2: 26th to 29th of january 2017. 10am to 6pm


    About the facilitator:

    «Gabriela is a healer initiated with the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School which revives ancient teachings from Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. The school’s purpose is to share healing techniques and processes which are done with the assistance of higher dimensional beings, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Higher Self whose insights are channeled. I personally participated in initiations with Gaby and received several healings from her which have all been tremendously clear and to the point, giving me much to learn and reflect on. Gaby has a razor sharp ability to find core issues, which she translates in direct and metaphorical language. Gaby is a natural talent, a healer with highly developed intuitive abilities and integrity, who is well qualified to guide and teach anyone wishing to develop healing skills.» – Catherine Hewitt, PLI Practitionner

    For more info please contact:

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    Limited spaces available.
    Early Bird Price untill 31st of October.