Heart Imagery – «Healing and Emotional Clarity» with Daniel Mitel



    april 30, 2016 4:30 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    Healing and Emotional Clarity is one of the most important step in healing your Mental Body, Emotional Body and Physical Body. It gives you power to go beyond the belief patterns that keep your mind blocked. It gives you tools to clean your emotional traumas that are moving your energies inside and outside in a wrong way.

    One of the most fundamental things to remember is that whatever illness affects your physical body is just a consequence of your belief patterns and your emotional trauma. Even the great meditators cannot go into their inner journey without cleaning their mental body and emotional body.

    Fifteen immediate benefits from our Heart Imagery Workshops:
    1. Learn how to move your Spirit from the your Brain to your Heart using our specialized, yet easy to implement Imagery system
    2. Discover how you learn to switch your energy from heavy emotions (e.g. anger, fear, frustration, irritation, envy, depression) to positive feelings (e.g. unconditional love, calmness, peace, harmony)
    3. You learn to lighten your being through cleaning your emotional trauma and your past
    4. You learn to gain the techniques to reverse the effects of a sickness
    5. Cleanse your dreams and nightmares, facilitating lucid dreaming
    6. Energize, empower and clean your chakras
    7. Understand how to heal yourself
    8. You Learn how to let go of your anxieties and connect with your Inner Essence
    9. You train yourself learn to better handle deal with stress under any circumstance
    10. You learn to use effectively your life force energy – prana – to energize and clean yourself
    11. Enjoy more of a connection with Mother Earth’s energy
    12. You learn to ‘BE’ in the fully present, here and now; no mind, no thoughts
    13. You enable forgiveness to flow from the holy space of your Heart
    14. You learn to Cleanse and reconnect with your three transformative chakra centres: Navel, heart centre and Third Eye, the pivotal chakras for ascension
    15. You learn to train to utilize the most effective spiritual technique: gratitude

    For all information and/or registration please contact
    Sanela Begovic at [email protected],
    mob +47 948 91 952