HEARTSBEATS: Contact Dance & Improvisation



    desember 11, 2012 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    Contact Improvisation is coming to Oslo! I’ve been holding contact workshops at Änsgbacka which has been enormously successful with both new and experienced contact dancers saying it was their best experience so far.

    I would like to share this in Oslo with a small, intimate group of maximum 12 people. No previous experience needed!

    Most welcome, dancers and free spirits! //Jonas

    HEARTBEATS is a movement meditation where we dance and touch each other in an spontaneous way which is not about technique or performing, but an invitation to express yourselves through your body and find your own generosity when moving with others.

    Because HEARTBEATS is a meditation, we’re not really trying to be good dancers or achieve anything. In fact, our only goal is to stop trying to be good dancers, to improve ourselves or be a better person. When we stop trying, we find that:

    *We are actually really good dancers.

    *Healing of wounds and internalized rigidity happens in our bodies (even though this is not therapy)

    *It’s easy to connect to others.

    *We are naturally very generous, sensual and attractive in being our selves.

    – Who is this for:
    This evening is open for everyone who’s interested in
    You don’t need any experience in dance, meditation or any other discipline to join.

    – Bring:
    Soft clothes and water bottle. We dance barefoot or with socks, no shoes.

    – Where & when & price:
    19.00-21.00 Tuesday on December 11th
    6th floor, Unity Senter, Youngstorget, Møllergt 23, OSLO.
    Price: 150kr, for students, unemployed: 100kr

    – About:
    My name Sato Jonas Bolin, I’m Swedish and I have trained meditation-based therapy at Osho Risk in Denmark. My own path of personal growth have taken me to India, Greece, America and I’ve learned from teachers of therapy, counselling, yoga, tantra, dance and contact improvisation. I’ve also studied Management at the University of Gothenburg.

    Tlf: 0046727388756
    Email: [email protected]