Jeg er Livet selv – Møte med den kvinnelige mystikeren Unmani



    august 15, 2014 til august 17, 2014 7:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    Den kvinnelige mystikeren Unmani kommer til Unity senteret.IF YOU ARE SEEKING……do you even really know what it is that you seek? Is it truth, or is it just wanting to feel good?
    …do you even really know what it is that you seek? Is it truth, or is it just wanting to feel good? Most people run a mile when they actually hear the truth because it undermines the very ground that you think you are standing on.”

    With Unmani there is no escape from the truth of who you really are, beyond all the words, concepts, practices and pathways. In her uncompromising pointing, there is a great risk that you will lose everything that you think you are holding on to, and actually be left with the truth that you mostly deeply long for.
    Unmani travels around the world offering spontaneous and uncompromising meetings and residential intensives. She is the author of two books I am Life itself and Die to Love and is now writing a third book.
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    Unmani was born in London, UK. Unlike most people, since she was a child, Unmani never identified with being a separate identity in the world, and always felt deeply at one with life. But seeing how everyone around her seemed to take life so seriously, she began the painful search to find some kind confirmation or acknowledgement for what she sensed beyond the game of separation. She spent years traveling around the world living in all kinds of communities and cultures. In India she spent a long time at the Osho Commune in Pune (which is where she received the name Unmani, which means ‘beyond the mind’). But it was only until she met the German Zen master, Dolano, that she got the confirmation that she had been longing for. Unmani woke up to the reality of the nature of Life, and consciously stopped doubting what she had always known to be true since she was a child. After that she lived in Australia for nearly two years. There, she travelled around in a van, living on beaches, and survived mostly on mangos and coconuts. In 2003, Unmani returned to UK, where she wrote her first book ‘I am Life itself’. This has now been translated and published in several other languages. Soon after that, Unmani began holding meetings and intensive residential retreats for groups all over the world. She continues to live a very nomadic life, and has no permanent home base.
    Unmani is the author of two books ‘I am Life itself’ and ‘Die to Love’ and is now writing a third book.
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    There are also over 50 video clips on YouTube of her meetings, as well as interviews on and – the link:

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