Journey to the Universal Heart. Stepping into Universal Creation.



    juni 8, 2013 til juni 9, 2013 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    A journey of love and creativity.
    Seminar/Workshop by Emma StowEach one of us has a completely unique soul signature which life gives us the opportunity to express in incarnated form. This is how we bring the soul world into the material world and this is our time to do so!

    This workshop offers you a powerful reflection of your unique soul essence and how to let it flow into your daily life. A journey to the Universal heart to access new levels of awareness and to co-create with the new energies that are supporting our freedom at this time. As we step free from a sacrificial paradigm, the new cycle of freedom requires a different level of engagement and this workshop is an opportunity to explore this as we take our place as Universal creators.

    This 2 day workshop is an opportunity to
    . Experience your soul signature and its divine creative potential
    . Access a new level of clarity and awareness through your own heart and through the Universal heart.
    . Transform your life through your emotions
    . Gain insights into the new opportunities of relating, partnerships and families
    . Unlock your own awakened wisdom, power and creativity
    . Have some fun!
    . Align your soul to your daily life.
    . Gain insights into the energetic dynamics that define this new cycle and how to work with them.
    . Make a new reality on Earth through the sacred relationship with self. Tips on transitioning into the cycle of creativity.

    Emma Stow is a professional astrologer, author and speaker featuring regularly on international radio. Her own form of ‘star’ wisdom reminds others of their divinity, the Universe within and the scope of their creative potential. Through her insights and experiences as an astrologer, she offers a unique heart based overview of a changing world at a key point in its evolution. She is well known for her life changing pilgrimages in the Glastonbury Zodiac and other unique educational events and talks that offer profound experiences of personal connection to the Earth, the solar system and to the stars.

    Kontaktperson: Emma Stow

    Email: [email protected]

    lørdag 08 juni kl.10:00 til søndag 09 juni kl.17:00