Listening Hands -Advanced tools for Rosen method practitioners



    oktober 22, 2016 til oktober 23, 2016 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    I’m inviting you, Rosen Method practitioners, for an interesting weekend workshop which will produce fresh insights about the Rosen work and provide some beautiful tools and approaches from the world of Cranio-Sacral and Osteopathy that can enrich your work with body, mind and soul.

    In my view, the main strenghth of the Rosen method is its essential approach to the mindful touch and the present practitioner who dares to stay with her soft, but firm, hands in order to help the patient meet himself.

    I am a Rosen method practitioner since 2008. I later took education in Osteopathy and Craniosacral therapy and have
    a wish to share my understanding of the Rosen method from a deeper perspective and to add some components to its toolbox for practitioners who are thirsty for more.

    The Rosen work taught us to use our hands «as eyes and ears» and to be present with the patient as with ourselves. It taught us how to slowly deepen our touch until we reach the right level where the body is met. I believe this is the best skill a manual therapist can posses and yet I am happy to discover there is more to it. Once we posess this skill we can use it in many more ways both in diagnosis and treatment. There are many aspects in Osteopathy and cranial work that resonnates with the Rosen method and that can inspire us and deepen our work.

    The spiritual teacher Gurdjieff said that in order to really master an art one has to grow both in Knowledge and Being. Only with the two of them can a real understanding flower. The Rosen method education is giving us a good portion of Being, but in my view a deeper exploration into the Knowledge is needed as it will enhance our practice.

    The workshop will have both theory and practice. These are the topics and approaches we will explore:

    * Understanding the physiology of the Rosen method touch – what happens in the body-mind when it meets a rosen touch? What makes this touch different? How can the touch possibly connect a person with his feelings?
    * Looking into the fascial system (bindevev) – Can it be the system we are actually working with in Rosen?
    * Universal principles of healing
    * The «language and vocabulary» of touch – exploration of the tools we already have
    * The «language and vocabulary» of body tissues – What happens in the body after an emotional or physical trauma?
    * Esoteric Anatomy
    * Introduction to Cranio Sacral work

    Techniques and practice:

    * Diagnosis techniques from Cranio Sacral Osteopathy
    * «Listening» Techniques
    * Unwinding – «Psychotherapy» for the tissues
    * Projecting – getting answers from the body
    * Diaphragme – advanced release techniques
    * Cranio Sacral – basic and relevant techniques and approaches
    * Working with bones

    The workshop will be held in English (I understand well and speak some Norwegian)

    Price – 2200 NOK
    Early bird price – 1800 NOK (Untill Sep 30th)
    Registration fee (will be deducted from totall price) – 300 NOK
    Account – 9801 23 12911 – Itzhak Dery

    For Questions:
    Itzhak Dery
    [email protected]