Mind your mind: Transform your negativity



    april 26, 2014 til april 27, 2014 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    Workshop with Osiris Montenegro

    Level 1
    Most people are in denial of the amount and intensity of negativity they endure daily. It is easy to know when you are negative, it feels uncomfortable! Are you regularly in a bad mood?…

    Do you harbour negative expectations about the future, or resentments about the past?
    Do you crave revenge?
    Do you suffer from Self-doubt, Indecision or hesitation?
    Do you fear failure, conflicts or confrontations?

    Negativity is a survival mechanism triggered by the stress of having needs. It is normal to be momentarily stressed and upset when there is a crisis, or an adverse circumstance. It is fundamentally harmful when negativity is a personality trait and a normal part of your life.
    Learn to stop negative thoughts and get out of the bad moods that prevent you from being happy, healthy, and efficient. Discover the negative self-images that lead to self-sabotage, and hurting those you love.

    In this class you will learn:
    What is the mind and how it functions.
    How your self-images determine your positive and negative thoughts.
    How thinking creates feelings and feelings influence thinking.
    The relationship between your behavior and how you feel.
    To recognize when you are being negative.
    To observe your mind, relax your body and feel good!
    How to change your point of view and change your mind.
    How to think differently: focus on solutions and positive outcomes.
    How to access your common sense and inner guidance to make intelligent loving choices.
    Explore the primary childhood wounds that keep you stuck in negativity.
    Identify your core values and practice using them to make intelligent choices.
    How to nurture lovingness, forgiveness, joy and inner peace to mind your mind.
    This is an informative, exciting, and experiential class. Bring your current challenges and learn new effective strategies to resolve what is not working for you. Are you tired of being negative? Are you ready to become a more peaceful, resourceful, happier, and loving you?

    Class dates: 25-27 April
    Friday kl.18-21,
    Saturday kl.10-18:30
    Sunday 10-17:30
    Location: Unity center
    Cost: 2,495.00NK

    For more information about the class contact your facilitator:
    Osiris Montenegro Mobile: 936 30640 email: [email protected]

    About you facilitator: Osiris Montenegro is originally from Costa Rica. He was educated in USA. His background includes a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science from the University of South Carolina, a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine from John Bastyr University in WA, with a medical internship at the Long Hua Hospital in Shanghai, China. Osiris is a graduate of the Psychosynthesis institute of Puget Sound in Bellevue, WA, and the Atlanta school of Massage in Atlanta GA. Osiris passion is assisting people in discovering their true nature through the practice of Self-Awareness. His stile of teaching is fun and dynamic while being sensitive and caring with students. Osiris mission in life is to help people empower themselves by learning to make conscious choices that benefit everyone involved. Osiris has a psychotherapy private practice and offers telephone and Internet Skype sessions. He lectures and offers courses in personal development.