Moon Mother Training Level 1 with Miranda Gray



    mai 6, 2017 til mai 7, 2017 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    ALL WOMEN ARE WELCOME! BOOK NOW as places are limited In case of questions email to: [email protected].

    This is a unique opportunity! For the first time in Oslo join us for the Level 1 Moon Mother Training workshop with international teacher and author MIRANDA GRAY.

    Join thousands of Moon Mothers worldwide helping women to awaken their female energies and create wellbeing in their lives! A ‘MOON MOTHER’ is a woman trained to give the ‘WOMB BLESSING ATTUNEMENT – FEMALE ENERGY AWAKENING’

    The ‘Womb Blessing’ is:
    – A transformational energy system for healing and awakening women.
    – A vibration of Divine Feminine love.
    – A worldwide community of women.

    To be a Moon Mother is to walk a path of personal awakening and a path of helping women around the world to also awaken to their full and authentic femininity. Our youngest Moon Mothers are 19 years old, and our eldest is 83.

    The workshop will be given in English, all materials will be provided in English.

    The Womb Blessing is a system of female transformation and healing and a path of returning to our authentic femininity.

    • The Womb Blessing Attunement opens women’s awareness to the Divine Feminine within them, awakens blocked or dormant aspects of their four female archetypal energies, and helps them to embody and live their original and sacred femininity.

    • The Womb Healing helps women to gradually heal and balance the patterns and blocks that lie within their cyclic nature to bring love, harmony and self-empowerment to the female archetypes that lie within them.
    The Womb Blessing path helps women with or without a womb or a cycle to grow in self-acceptance, self-love and empowerment, to express the fullness and beauty of their femininity and to walk their soul’s purpose in the world.

    At the end of the workshop you will be an official ‘Moon Mother’ and be authorized to give Womb Healings and Womb Blessings. The course is certificated, and there is an accompanying manual. Book now

    Teacher Miranda Gray is an inspirational spiritual teacher and writer and the originator of the ‘Worldwide Womb Blessing – a global meditation and energy healing for female awakening’. She is also the author of ‘Red Moon – Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle’, ‘The Optimized Woman’, ‘Female Energy Awakening’ and ‘Spiritual Messages for Women’.

    In the Moon Mother workshop, you will:

    • Take part in the beautiful and powerful Moon Mother Initiation ceremony.
    • Explore why the womb energy centre is so important to women, and the benefits of the Womb Blessing.
    • Learn how to give a Womb Blessing Attunement – and have lots of practice!
    • Understand the practicalities of giving Blessings and how to get started.
    • Learn how to give the Womb Healing to support yourself and other women on a regular basis.
    • Find out how to take part in sending the Worldwide Womb Blessing and run a group.

    You will receive a comprehensive manual, an authorisation certificate, a free entry on the online list of International Authorised Moon Mothers, invitations to Moon Mother-only Facebook groups, a private online resources area, and special notice of relevant events and gatherings.

    Cost: 250,- Eur Early Booking price until Sat 18.03.2017
    Full Price: 280,- Eur

    To book your place, fill out the registration form at


    Payment details for the deposit 50.- Eur:

    If you are paying from Norway: 6580.29.48047

    From outside of Norway: NO2065802948047
    Swift: NDEANOKK
    Nordea bank Norway ASA

    ALL WOMEN ARE WELCOME! BOOK NOW as places are limited We are looking forward to welcome you into the growing community of moon mothers.
    In case of questions email to: [email protected].