Petr Chobot-Helbredende meditasjon med en sjaman



    august 20, 2013 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    Healing meditations result from Indian shaman system MOSOQ KARPAY. The basis is the SAMINCHUKUY technique during which one can connect to, in principle, unlimited sources of universally healing energy through the crown center. This technique is often supplemented with the HUCHA – MIKHUY techniques, which are able to reliably remove harmful energy from the body and biofield. Petr Chobot was learning these techniques from the Andean and Amazonian shamans for approx. 18 years. Also from the most successful healers in Brazil and Philippines, he has learnt how to transfer a large amount of healing energy at once.

    During the healing meditation guided by PCH, firstly a very strong energy field is created at a particular place. This energy field then surrounds the participant like a bubble. It fills them with the energy from a higher dimension. The bubble shields the participants from the surrounding “matrix” and surrounding world.

    THE SAMI KAWSAY ENERGY DOESN´T ASK WHETHER SOMEONE DESERVES TO BE HEALED OR NOT; IT DOESN´T ASK HOW HAS THE FOCAL POINT OF NEGATIVE ENERGY CREATED IN ANYONE – IT CLEANS AND HEALS EVERYONE WITHOUT A DIFFERENCE. This energy comes from such a high source that it doesn’t care about our “karma” at all. This energy can be understood as the antipole of karma, as a power traditionally called GRACE.

    Kontaktperson: Lucie Žilkayová

    Max 45 pers.
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    Price 200,- Nok