TAOB – Breath exploration meditation



    august 22, 2017 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    I welcome you to an evening where we explore the deeper meaning of our breath and how we can use it to achieve higher states of consciousness.

    The meditation is an ancient meditation taught to me by himalayan masters to share with the world.
    We use the breath in accompany with a few sets of exercises to move us towards meditation.
    Theese steps are systematicly selected to release stress, toxins and allow the body to relax, while in the same time activating the nervous system and the nadis to allow our minds to become calm before we allow ourselves to let go into a state of deep meditation.

    The meditation requires no previous experience of meditation, infact it is even better if your mind has no notion of what meditation is since previously.

    The meditation will be taught in english, however if it is required we will do instructions in both english and norwegian.


    You can not participate if you have any heart-related issues or high blood-pressure. As the exercises can be quite strenuous.
    If you have any other major medical issues, please contact so we can discuss this.

    There are yoga mats there, but they are limited in their numbers, so if everyone who has their own would like to bring it, that would be greatly appreciated =)

    This meditation is offered by donation and is free if you can’t afford to donate anything. However please keep in mind that it costs to rent a venue like this.

    I welcome you all into a wonderful evening and I hope to see you soon! =)