The nowHere JUMP – With Devayana Barat



    mai 11, 2017 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    How to go deeper into the process of being fully grounded in the present moment, and opening to the Here and Now.

    Get to know Devayana Barat and his: THE nowHere JUMP

    A two day workshop in upcoming weekend 13-14 may.
    In a playful and loving atmosphere we will be uncovering our deepest and oldest programs through gentle regression processes, different exercises that will reinforce your awareness, and powerful concepts that will enhanced your consciousness of the here and now…

    We will be exploring also the ways of relating and being intimate with others in order to allow the heart to open to the here and now

    You will be learning techniques (Pendulum talking with your subconscious mind, gestalt dialogue, relaxation techniques, and many other techniques) which you will be able to use at home to intensify your experience…

    You will be receiving a new perspective of life that you will find encouraging, practical and exiting…

    And you will learn to live in trust, in love, in the moment, in freedom…

    Påmelding til: [email protected] kr.100

    Devayana, Emilio Barat Colagreco, is born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in February 1952.

    He studies Law at Buenos Aires University and Psychology at Vincennes-Saint Denis, Paris.

    He’s travelling in South America meeting with aborigins and Shamans at the Amazonas jungle from 1972 till 1974.

    He was living in Europe (France, Sweden, Spain) till 1979 when he met the enlightened Master Osho and started living, working and meditating at His Ashram in Pune, India, and later at Rajneespuram, in Oregon, USA.

    He was coordinator of the Osho Commune in Spain, and created the Sannyas Commune Kamli in Ibiza, Spain.

    He was living and working at The Rajneesh Institute for Dehypnotherapy, assisting the work of Swami Anand Santosh (Richard Shoulder), founder of the Institute, giving courses and individual sessions.

    He went back to Poona in 1988 and after being trainned in Rebalancing and Spinal Adjustements.
    He was working as a therapist at the Pune Ashram till Osho left His Body.

    He lives and work in Denia, Spain, and travel around the world giving courses, trainings and individual sessions of “The nowHere jump” “The Tao of love” , Tantra and “Rebalancing”.