The Quantum Leap to Peace – workshop with Gregory Ashid Possman



    mars 5, 2016 til mars 6, 2016 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    The Quantum Leap to Peace – Inner, Outer and Global
    2 days workshop with Psychic Trance Channel Gregory Ashid Possman

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    Channeling by Gregory “Ashid” Possman; January 20, 2016, Twelfth Seat of the Council of Shambhala, Jalil:

    «We are the Twelfth Seat of the Council of Shambhala. We bring you greetings and salutations from all seats of the Council. It is time on your planet for each and every one of you who have awakened, to begin to ascertain your role as a catalyst for peace on the planet. It is time to awaken all of the sleeping giants on the planet who have chosen to come and promote peace. It is time for us to now release and erase the old mental and emotional limitations that have stopped your growth up to now. Along with the Angelic realm, the Archangels and Metatron, the overseer of the angelic realm, we the Council of Shambhala, propose releasing and erasing all of the old beliefs and limitations which have confined you. Then, we shall open you to the power, the ability and the manifestation rights that you have claimed on the planet. It is a time for endings and a time for new beginnings. It is our desire to take you through a series of initiations which we believe will open you up, fill you with power, and allow you to break through whatever limitations have stopped you from creating your dreams and desires. The global dream we see is peace upon your planet, peace inside of you and peace outside of you. This is precisely what we will be working on, with each and every one of you. It is our desire and our promise, that we will do all we can to create the desired result of peace on your planet. Should your heart direct you to join us in this endeavor, be with us on one of the workshops, where we will work with each and every one of you, personally, to ensure this process taking place. We are complete. We bring you greetings and salutations from the Council of Shambhala.»

    2 days workshop:
    Gregory Ashid Possman: Following our Opening Circle to set the energy for the day, we will hear from the Plaidians, the Siriuns, the Angelic Realm and the Council of Shambhala, who all will be working toward empowering us, in taking our power back and creating massive amounts of light within ourselves and therefore on the Earth. This will be an intense day of powerful inner and outer work. Several initiations will be offered to 1st clear us, 2nd open us and 3rd empower us and prepare us for our incredible journey forward.

    On our second day, we will begin with the Archangel Michael who will Gather this light within us, connect us to the Angelic realm and empower our way to an even greater level of Freedom. Vywamus will then come through and help us deliver this light into the Earth to prepare the planet for the coming year. This induction of light will prevent several massive natural disasters that might have happened had it not been for our assistance. Mary will then come through with a light blessing for the planet to integrate a higher frequency in both humanity and the Earth together. Metatron and the Ancient of days will bring forth an exercise to allow the Earth to absorb more light from the Masters on the other side who have been working with us in our sleep for the last 2 months to prepare all of us for this process. This work has been done on the awakened aspect in all of us, in our unconscious, to prepare us for this day. We look forward to your help in this Earth healing, joining the Masters, the Earthlings and the Earth together in one powerful Unity of Energy.

    Price: 2.600 NOK (registration required)
    Registration: Synnøve Bakke by email: [email protected] (phone +47 93445765)
    Location: Unity Senter, Møllergata 23, Oslo, Norway,

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    Gregory Ashid Possman serves as a psychic trance channel for Sananda, Archangel Michael, Master Teacher Spirit, Quan Yin, Mary, Merlin, Five members of the Council of Shambhala, Archangel Raphael, and others. Gregory performs workshops throughout the world. His goal is to raise the vibration of the planet by empowering others. He facilitates metaphysical teachings such as the Manifestation Acceleration Technique, Clearing Energy and numerous other workshops. As a psychic channel and teacher, Gregory has traveled the world, and has led spiritual journeys to many Sacred Sites on the planet, including: Peru, Mexico, England, Scotland, Iceland, Denmark and Norway. Gregory and his wife Sandie live in the Blue Ridge Mountain of North Carolina, where they lead regular journeys throughout the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. They also host individuals at their home who wish to engage in intensive spiritual instruction. Gregory offers recorded, channeled private sessions in person or by phone. Gregory has served as President and International Vice- President of the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., from where he also holds both a Master’s and PHD in spirituality. He is also the author of the book “Future Vision” with information primarily from the Council of Shambhala. He recently updated the book in 2014. Each month, a channeled message is available by creating a free account on his website