True Tantra-Anand RUDRA where Shamanism & Tantra meet



    mars 17, 2017 til mars 18, 2017 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    «It is a real pleasure to introduce Anand Rudra in Oslo and receive his teachings about Tantra, Shamanism and Sacred Sexuality. You are welcome to join me and experiene by yourself ….Uma »

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    FRIDAY 17 th MARCH 18.00-20 HRS
    Introduction Lecture on : «SHAMANISM AND LIFE ENERGY FORCE» and The importance of conecting and integrating 1st and 7th chacra in our body.

    SATURDAY 18th MARCH 16.00-20.00 HRS
    Practicum on Sacred energy, Ritualism, Shamanism and Tantra Kriya

    Please book on time to avoid disappointmetns.

    :: Conference on Shamanism & Life Force Energy ::

    Shamanism is the concrete tool to unveil the power of nature, the universe and human being all together with the target to connect us to supra-conscious, to heal us, to practice divination or just to make see who we are.
    Tantra as itself is a method that has specific tools in which shamanism validates in a fastest and more concise way. Both practices celebrate a life living experience and had been together for millenniums.

    Life force energy has a significant role in both experiences and tantra has tools in which you can manipulate directly this energy. This conference goes deep in how Tantra is hand and hand with Shamanism and also sacred sexuality.

    :: Practicum on Sacred energy, Ritualism, Shamanism within Tantra Kriya ::

    Tantra Kriya is a practice in which is developed the diffrent aspect of shamanism using the sacred tools of Tantra in a way that can deliver a life living experience, a healing process, expand our minds and liberate our bodies. We will experience the power of bodywork, pranayams, ritualism, meditation and sacred sexuality.

    Expect the unexpected !!!

    He is being raised in a Shamanic culture by father (Mexican spirita and shaman) and by the grandmother ( Yaqui Mexican Medical Woman) Since he was young, he was atracted to the esoterical world. He has dedicated to the study and practice of shamanism, tantra, ritualism, sacred geometry for the last 20 years.

    His work supporting man to open up into their full power potential and manhood is
    He is base in Amstedam and works internationally shairng his knowledge and experience offering workshops, trainings and private consultations.

    For more information about his work you can look at: of Fb TrueTantra

    His Life and teaching Experience :

    * Symbolism and Ritualism on North-America
    * Tantric Ritual and their influence in Modern Society
    * Esoteric and hermeneutical Studies Specialization on Tantra Rituals and Energies on the Body
    * Deep Training on Tantra Meditation
    * Synergetic Tantra Massage, Professional Training
    * Pranha Healing Techniques
    * Tantra Training Residential Course for One Year
    * Academic Research on Tantra conducted with Alegraluz and Bindu
    * Tantra Independent Masseur and Therapist
    * Tantra Masseur , Therapist and Business Developer with Alegraluz International
    * Tantrika for more than 8 years the last 6 years director of 3 main projects Bindu Centers; Kinnara Center and TrueTantra.
    * Director of EATP (European Association of Tantra Proffesionals)
    * Designed and crafted according Agama Books and Kahula tradition:
    – Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga Practice
    – True Tantra Methodology Practice

    I look forward to see you there !