Vedanta Seminar med Ted Schmidt



    oktober 8, 2016 til oktober 9, 2016 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    Friday 19:00 – 21:00 (Free introduction)
    Saturday 10:00 – 17:00 & Sunday 10:00-17:00 Seminar kr. 1100.-.

    Ever felt there’s more to life than meets the eye? Vedanta says there is. Vedanta is a proven means of enlightenment that leads to the discovery of the secret that permanently ends all suffering and grants ultimate inner freedom. Find out how Vedanta reveals the answer that has eluded you for far too long.

    While we devote most of our time and energy to the pursuit of a better experience, greater accomplishment, and/or the ultimate experience, nothing ever brings us lasting satisfaction. Is there more to life than this repetitive daily grind?

    This seminar will be an extraordinary and inspiring opportunity to learn and practice the fundamental principles and methods of Vedanta – the science of Self-Inquiry – with a qualified teacher. The seminar is designed to guide you through a meticulous analysis of your own life experience and give you an understanding of the following:

    Your true nature

    The nature of the mind and of the world

    The relationship between the individual, the universe, and the source of all bein

    The key to lasting happiness and permanent freedom.

    Everyone is warmly invited to a seminar with Vedanta teacher Ted Schmidt!

    Ted Schmidt is a revered teacher of traditional Vedanta who helps students from all over the world by answering their questions regarding enlightenment through his own website,, and the website,, which was founded by his teacher, James Swartz.

    Ted teaches traditional Vedanta in a non traditional way in order to make it more accessible for the Western mind.

    Ted lives in Minnesota where he works as a high school English teacher.

    Ted’s book, «Self-Knowledge: The King of Secrets» was released in 2016. The book is available at

    On both Saturday and Sunday, a vegetarian lunch can be bought for 100 kr.

    Sign up to reserve your spot: [email protected]

    Payment for the seminar can be made via PayPal on the Contact page on Ted’s website,, after reserving your spot at [email protected], or at the door prior to the beginning of the seminar.

    At the seminar a lovely vegetarian lunch can be bought for 100 kr. pr. lunch Saturday and Sunday.