Walking in Energy



    november 25, 2012 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Unity Senter

    Møllergata 23

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    Live lecture and demonstrations by Avatar Energy Master Teachers Michael Monk and Peter Shelton. An interactive 6 hour event (with lunch break) where Michael and Peter will introduce you to the fullness of the worlds true energy masters live in every day.

    Michael and Peter are unique in their field as they offer live demonstrations of their understanding of energy mastery, of being one with the world around them and fully conscious co-creators. They do not expect you to believe them based only on what you hear or a vibration you feel while hearing them.

    Michael and Peter will feed your brain with key understandings to allow you to remove mental blockages that prevent you from having the daily experience of being fully unified with the world around you. Learn to vibrate in the reality of Soul 24/7.

    They will give you the tools necessary to fully connect your brain to your soul, which operates in the electromagnetic spectrum. This is the key to feeling all things that are past your body as actually being a part of your body, of being truly ‘one’ with the universal energy.

    Telekinesis, weather control, ‘at-will’ out of body projection, full clairvoyance and much more, are not so much ‘powers’ as they are a by-product of achieving this type of full soul connection to all things.

    A fully connected soul experiences this 3D world in ways of such beauty and awe as to leave one wondering how they even lived before achieving this level of understanding and soul connection.

    Join us live as Michael and Peter present the fastest track ever brought forward to make unity with all things a reality and not just a theory. Experience what it truly means that ‘we are all one’ – that all life is intimately connected.

    Namaste and God Bless You All ♥

    pris: 300,-

    Cathrine Larssen


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